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Let us attack you. Before someone else does.


How vulnerable are you when the attacker strikes?

In a growing threat landscape, where cybercrime has evolved into a successful industry, all organisations are targets for sophisticated cybercrime. As traditional security solutions no longer cover the complex set of users, networks, devices, servers and applications that make up a modern IT environment, new methods are needed to detect and manage the growing threats. The only way to know how vulnerable your organisation is to these threats is to continually expose it to real attacks. That's where we come in.

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Expose your organisation to realistic attacks

Sentor’s unique RedSOC service is designed to meet the world as it really exists. With an understanding of your business, we combine your threats and risks to develop attack scenarios that describe the most likely ways in which your organisation is vulnerable to cyberattacks.

In a world where perfection doesn't exist, we anticipate what flaws an attacker is likely to find, and we help you create a tailored solution to the problem.

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the service in brief

A holistic approach to security

Scenario-based attacks

Continuous scenario-based attacks, carried out using the same methods as real attackers, and constantly adapting to the evolution of both the organisation and the cyber threat

Delivered by experts

Developed and delivered by Sentor's Red team of security experts with extensive experience in security testing of all types of systems, networks and applications

Continuous reporting

Generates a continuous flow of priority-sorted action proposals to continuously raise the lowest level for attackers and mitigate threats

Holistic perspective

Gives you an overview that covers parts of the environment that are never examined through individual system-specific tests

Testing your resilience

Tests how prepared your organisation is to detect and respond to a targeted attack on everything from technology and processes to people

Prioritising future investments

Gives you a better understanding of your organisation's security gaps to ensure that future investments deliver the greatest benefit


why sentor?

Maximum capacity, knowledge and experience

High capacity

With the highest number of ethical hackers in Sweden, we can ensure high delivery capacity in our services


Through training and interest, our experts possess cutting-edge expertise in various areas, which together make up a team that is difficult to beat


Since the start in 1998, we have had time to test thousands of applications, systems and networks, in all kinds of companies and industries

A few words from one of our clients

“We rely on Sentor to check our websites and applications. We are very satisfied with the work that Sentor has performed over the years and the feedback we received. Clearly a trustworthy security partner.”

Christopher AnderssonCIO at Sevenday Finance

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We offer several contact routes and provide feedback as soon as possible. If you have sensitive information, we ask you to use the encrypted method.