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Industry 4.0

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a paradigm shift. Large parts of the manufacturing processes that were previously handled manually are now performed digitally, which creates great opportunities for efficiency gains that promote both innovation and competitiveness. But having more connected devices and data stored externally in the cloud, also places greater demands on cybersecurity to counter business risks such as production downtime and industrial espionage.

9 %
of the total number of security incidents in 2019 affected companies in the manufacturing industry
32 %
of MSPs cite the construction and manufacturing industry as the biggest target for ransomware attacks, placing it at the top of the list of vulnerable industries
35 %
of senior decision-makers cite intellectual property theft as the main motive for cyber attacks against their businesses

Common security challenges

Counteract outage and protect information

Counteract industrial espionage and outage

Protecting intellectual property

Identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in industrial information and control systems (ICS, SCADA)

Managing updates, system changes and service without affecting the process

cybersecurity manufacturing

Detect and respond to intrusions

Managing supplier risks

Industry practices


The increasingly connected manufacturing industry will soon be subject to several new directives related to cybersecurity. However, there are already regulations that companies in the sector must comply with in order to avoid sanctions and the withdrawal of licenses.

Common compliance frameworks

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