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Perfection is the enemy of progress

At Sentor, we have the experience and knowledge that makes us the leader in the Nordic region for cybersecurity. Our team consists of different individuals with a common interest in security. We do not expect anybody to be perfect, but we expect that everybody who works for us constantly seeks to grow and learn, so that we continue to be one step ahead of the hackers when it comes to protecting our customers.

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Ready for your next step?

Our employees are our primary asset, therefore we put a lot of focus on finding the right people and ensuring that Sentor is a workplace where they will want to stay. We believe in creating a team with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, and we want Sentor to feel just as much as a workplace as a place where everyone can have memories that last a lifetime.

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Always at Sentor

Inspiring corporate culture

With us, you will find an inspiring and warm corporate culture that is permeated by a burning interest in IT security and contributing to the benefit of society. For example, we work to strengthen the digital security of women's shelters and the women, girls and children they meet.

Great Place to Work

At Sentor, it does not matter who you are here - we welcome everyone! This is also confirmed by our Great Place To Work certification; In the employee survey, 96% state that Sentor is a friendly workplace where you can be yourself.

Flexible work hours

We choose to focus on your results rather than where and when you do your work. At Sentor, you get full confidence; If you work best in a café one day or slip into the office a little later than usual, it does not matter to us.

Fantastic opportunities for growth

We are curious about you and what you have to offer Sentor. In return, we will give you the tools you need to be able to develop professionally. With us, you get internal training and the opportunity for paid education and certification when needed.

Annual kickoffs and conferences

Every year, each department goes to kick-offs and tech conferences such as Security Fest, Sec-t and DEF CON in Vegas. Once a year, a large conference is also organized for the entire company, with everything from ski trips to visits to interesting cities.

Safe and healthy workspace

We care about your well-being. To ensure that, in addition to friendly and helpful colleagues, you will receive a generous wellness allowance, collective agreement and service pension. Every other week, a massage therapist also comes to the office - it's amazing!

Contact us

We offer several contact routes and provide feedback as soon as possible. If you have sensitive information, we ask you to use the encrypted method.