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Integrated security throughout the development process


Secure software development

Today's agile software development is about reducing time-to-market and continuously developing these based on how the requirements of the customers and the market changes. Since these products have the same requirements on security and compliance, security needs to be implemented and evaluated throughout the entire development process.

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Help from start to finish

Sentor's AppSec team consists of consultants with expertise in several different security areas. Together, we assist your organization with a systematic approach to integrating security throughout the entire system development life cycle (SDLC), from strategy and design to architecture, implementation and security testing.

We do this by working closely with your development organization by setting up and supporting a work process for when, where and how security is to be implemented and evaluated. The goal is to help the organisation build a security culture to be able to handle its own AppSec program.

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the service in brief

What we can do for you

End2End S-SDLC

Knowledge and methods for strategically integrating security (S-SDLC) in an existing system development life cycle (SDLC) in line with the goals of the business.

Application Security Testing

Evaluate security through continuous penetration tests to detect and mitigate vulnerabilities remedy safety deficiencies at an early stage.

Security by design

Make security a foundation throughout the development process by addressing it from the early stages of conceptualization, design and architecture.

Security in DevOps and containers

Implement security in modern container-based architectures using secure base configurations, tooling monitoring and DevSecOps strategy.


why sentor?

Competence, flexibility and efficiency

Flexible implementation

The service is based on the organization's needs and degree of maturity and is adapted to existing working methods.

Support for continuous delivery

We help your organization to implement the security work in the existing continuous software delivery with minimal impact on delivery time.

Reduced total cost

Cost can be reduced and more predictable by integrating security early and continuously into your development process.


As one of the leading cyber security companies in the Nordic region, we can offer a wide range of experience and skills. As part of Accenture's global ecosystem, we also have a high capacity of consultants both in Sweden and internationally.

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We offer several contact routes and provide feedback as soon as possible. If you have sensitive information, we ask you to use the encrypted method.