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Full-spectrum visibility and accelerate incident response 24/7


A reality that puts high demands on security

The evolution of cyber threats means that all organisations are susceptible to data breaches. There's no easy solution to this problem - it takes highly skilled people, processes, technology and constant monitoring to protect your business from attackers who never sleep.

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Detect and respond to cyber threats 24/7

Sentor's BlueSOC combines market-leading technology, threat intelligence and expertise with over 20 years of experience in security monitoring. Our Blue Team works around the clock, all year round, to detect and respond to cyber threats in your cloud, network, application and endpoint environments. In this way, we act as an extension of your internal security team, in order to protect you and your business from threats and incidents.

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why sentor?

Dedicated security partner since 1998

Cybersecurity natives

We have been working exclusively to protect companies against cyber threats for over 20 years

Vendor agnostic

We adapt our solutions to your organisation's unique needs and infrastructure

Turnkey supplier

We have gathered cutting-edge expertise in several areas that largely cover your security needs

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We offer several contact routes and provide feedback as soon as possible. If you have sensitive information, we ask you to use the encrypted method.