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Banking and finance


Attacks, part of everyday life

Today, almost all traditional banking activities have been replaced by digital services and the infrastructure that supports them. At the same time, the digital presence exposes the already vulnerable and socially critical banking and finance industry to entirely new risks and threats in the form of cybercrime, and today attacks such as denial of service attacks, extortion viruses and scam emails are commonplace for many banks and financial operators.

13 %
of the total number of security incidents in 2019 affected companies in the banking and finance sector
81 %
of all Swedes have high confidence that their bank protects their sensitive information from misuse and intrusion
75 %
would change their existing bank if it was found to have misused personal data

Common security challenges

Balance between business, risks and compliance requirements

Protecting sensitive personal and financial information

Protection requirements for infrastructure solutions that blend legacy systems with new technologies

Protecting growing network infrastructure

Detect and respond to intrusions

banking and finance

Meeting compliance requirements

Balancing protection needs with user accessibility

Industry practices


A financial organisation consists largely of sensitive information. Many of the regulations and industry requirements imposed on companies in the banking and financial sector therefore relate to policies and safeguards on the ways in which this information is handled.

Common compliance frameworks


The right solutions

At Sentor, we have extensive experience assisting many companies in the banking and financial sector to protect their own assets and their customers’ privacy by preventing and managing various types of cyber threats. Thanks to our wide range of services, we can help your organisation to establish and maintain a high level of security in digital transactions, systems and infrastructure, and to comply with international standards and frameworks.

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