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Retail & e-commerce


Major potential - major challenges

A growing number of retailers today are moving their businesses to digital platforms. Global e-commerce is predicted to be worth USD 4.9 trillion by 2021, and criminals are following where the money is. As a digital retailer, therefore, there are many cyber threats to consider, ranging from denial of service and ransomware attacks, to large volumes of sensitive personal and banking information that can be compromised.

24 %
of the total number of security incidents in 2019 affected retail companies, making it the most vulnerable industry
70 %
of all Swedes have low confidence that e-commerce companies will protect their information from misuse and intrusion
79 %
would change their existing e-commerce provider if they were found to have misused personal data

common security challenges

Protect availabilty and sensitive data

Protecting sensitive customer data

Protection requirements for infrastructure solutions that blend legacy systems with new technologies

Improve availability and user experience, while maintaining a high level of security

Managing security risks throughout the supply chain

Detect and respond to intrusions

Meeting compliance requirements such as PCI DSS and GDPR

Industry practices


Retailers are subject to a range of regulatory requirements that you need to address and comply with, depending in part on the countries in which you operate and the scale of your business.

Common compliance frameworks

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