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New gaming rules are changing the market

As large parts of the gaming industry have now moved from physical casino floors onto digital platforms, the risks have also followed: earplugs and fake chips have been replaced by denial of service attacks, sophisticated hacks and user account fraud. With large amounts of sensitive customer financial data and more transactions per minute than many banks, today's online gambling and casino services are ideal targets for cyber criminals looking for big payoffs.

84 %
of all Swedes have low confidence that gaming companies will protect their information from misuse and intrusion
89 %
would change their existing gaming provider if they were found to have misused personal data
11 %
is the expected annual grow rate for the iGaming industry between 2020 and 2027

Common security challenges

Protect availability and sensitive data

Improving availability and user experience, while maintaining a high level of security

Protecting sensitive personal and financial information

Preventing DDoS attacks (denial of service attacks)

Detect and respond to intrusions

live casino cyber security

Avoiding security flaws in software development

Meeting compliance requirements

Industry Practices


The gaming industry is highly regulated and subject to a range of compliance requirements related to security, both international and regional. In addition to a valid gaming license granted by the national gaming authorities, the gaming industry has many compliance frameworks to consider.

Common compliance frameworks


The right solutions

With high business risks, ever-changing threats and increasing regulation, IT and information security has become an increasing priority for gaming companies. In many cases, external help and expertise is required to keep up with attackers and meet high security standards. At Sentor, we have helped many companies in the gaming industry to protect their own assets and their customers’ privacy by preventing and managing various types of cyber attacks.

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